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Turan Trade offers its customers large wholesale quantities of consumer electronic products. Thanks to our well organised, widely developed channel of distribution & strong relationships between suppliers. Meaning we are able to offer the most competitive prices on our products.

“Turan Trade is a wholesale consumer electronics trader”
Jordan Little

Director, Turan Trade

Who we are?

Who are we? . . Well no fancy gimmicks, simply put “Turan Trade is a wholesale consumer electronics trader”

Since early 2015 a young dynamic group of individuals form what is today known as Turan Trade. This group of individuals expertise vary from management, sales all the way down to the accounting department.

Each specific individual plays their part in this well-oiled machine, in order to make everything run fluidly within in the company & produce positive results.

Most importantly for Turan Trade is that we build & grow on our existing business relationships, all the while striving to build & develop new relationships in the meantime. This method enables us to expand our company network therefore enabling the us to provide the best most competitive prices in the market to our clients.

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Jordan Little

Director of the board

Born in 1989 in the Greater London area. Graduated from North west Kent with diploma in business. Then started in major stock broking institution in which he worked until the age of 22. Then began with his own trading firm in the UK.

After gathering his knowledge in the market, he then sees an open opportunity & brought his expertise & contacts into the European market. More specifically beginning in Poland & now fully established in the Slovakia market as a strong individual in his field.

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